U15 Boys (Grade 9)

U15 Head Coach Joel MowchenkoCoaches: Joel Mowchenko (Head Coach), Cam Lewis (Asst.)

Practices: Sundays at Central Collegiate, from 3-5pm
1.     JCVC Tournament, February 2nd in Saskatoon, SK (FINISHED 2ND)
2.     The U16 PHOENIX VOLLEYBALL CLASSIC, March 10th in Caronport, SK (FINISHED 4TH)
3.     Regina Volleyball Club Tournament, Mar 16th in Regina, SK
4.     The Huskies Volleyball Tournament, March 22-24th in Saskatoon, SK
5.     The SASK CUP 2, March 30-21st in Saskatoon, SK
6.     Sask Volleyball Provincials, May 3-5 in Saskatoon, SK
7.     U15 NATIONALS, May 18-20 in Regina, SK